Once again, Quinn, Bjorn and Monroe have gotten themselves into a spot of trouble.
Meet Steadfast, the hero of Britania in one of those multiversal parallel Earths that I’m always going on about.
it seems the boys have gotten very VERY friendly with the old man’s immediate family. TOO friendly, in fact, and now, Steadfast wants their heads on a pike in Trafalgar Square.
I know what you’re thinking… “surely a trio of reality altering trickster demigods can take down a raging superhero”…
possibly. But, if you’ve kept up with your comics, you’ll know that superheroes have a bad habit of defeating (oft times KILLING) full-on gods. Thus, Our Boys are deathly afraid of superheroes. I think I mentioned that, already.
(Supervillains, at least, have the decency to be too evil and full of themselves to be a real threat.)