Monroe Coyote (fka Monroe Anthony) is sort of the ‘First Among Equals’ of the trio. It’s not so much that he’s bossy, it’s just that he’s the one paying the most attention to things in “real time”. Quinn is more interested in the inner workings of things. Bjorn is more concerned with fun, frolic and that OTHER ‘F’ word.
Monroe kind of keeps things together by keeping everyone’s head in the ‘here and now’ game. He has a strong sense of justice, and is the first one to play tricks on bullies and thieves. His ‘tricks’ may get more and more vicious when a wrongdoer really hurts someone. Of the 3, he has the biggest apetite, but, is ironically, the thinnest. He likes hockey, cheese, rum, 50’s rock and roll, and creating things with wood.

Quinn Anansi (fka Quinn Damian) is the more cerebral of the trio of tricksters. He is very interested in the inner workings of things as well as the cultural minutiae of whatever parallel world the guys land in. When things are slow, Quinn will have his nose buried in a book. When he’s not reading (and sometimes, when he IS), it’s only natural that Quinn can be found knitting or crocheting something. He is the best among them at verbal trickery and misdirection, though, he himself seems to sometimes drift while observing the form and function of a particular thing, that he kind of loses focus that whatever the thing is may actually be dangerous or inappropriate. Of the 3, he is the most likely to break the 4th Wall from time to time. He likes weaving and tailoring, dark fairy tales, milkshakes, vodka and juices, 70’s and 80’s punk, extra rare steak and high places.

Bjorn Loki (fka Bjorn Stanley) is easily the most carefree of our trio. It’s not that he’s careless, simply irreverent of life’s smaller problems. A happy, humpy demigod, he feels that the liberal use of powers and libido can overcome any problem that the mundane world can throw at them. Bjorn is always looking to spread the love. To just about anybody. And Everybody. His standard operating procedure is the trickery of seduction and temptation. He wields pheromones like a blunt instrument and loves to provoke victims by toying with their emotions. He will make you love him or hate him. Either way, chances are you’re playing right into his hands. Bjorn likes rum, snowboarding, all forms of music that one can shake one’s booty to, seafood and, of course, erotic physical contact.

Travelling through space and time, and always looking for a GOOD time, are Bjorn Loki, Quinn Anansi and Monroe Coyote.

They are a trio of bastard (in the dictionary sense) trickster demigods. Sent out on the run by their sorcerous mothers into the “space between spaces”, aka the nexus-river between realities that they call “The Crease“.
The trio believe themselves to be in hiding from their powerful fathers (their home reality’s versions of Loki, Anansi the Spider and The Coyote Spirit) who wish to eliminate them.

In their dimension of origin, The various pantheons of gods and goddesses of various myths are still around and interact with humanity on a daily basis. Their dads, those famed Trickster Gods are literally rock stars. Their mothers were a trio of fangirl sorceresses who got impregnated by the trickster gods after a wild party while they were on tour.
Rumor has it that the Tricksters got wind of these ladies being “in a family way”, were none too pleased, and planned to eliminate their bastard children in the Old School ‘Gods of Myth and Legend’ way… by devouring them.

Being pretty powerful sorceresses, the trio of ladies – Rose Monroe, Imani Quinn and Astrid Bjorn, (mothers of Monroe, Quinn and Bjorn, respectively, of course), sent their infant children through the membrane between omnireality to 3 different parallel Earths. Each one landed on a separate Earth and was raised by a counterpart of their mother, and watched over by she who was named a Godmother to all 3 of them: Thalia, the Muse of Comedy.

Being half trickster entity and half human with sorcerous blood and boons from a Muse, (not to mention two other, secret Godparents) the demigodlings developed very powerful magicks before they’d even reached their teen years. Each felt a calling. With some trial and error, (which may or may not have turned all the inhabitants of one certain reality’s Earth into field mice), they finally¬†found each other. They’ve been inseparable ever since.

At the behest of The Raven Spirit, who was technically Monroe Coyote’s uncle, it was Hermes, the messenger of the gods who informed the trio about their true mothers, their true fathers, and the danger they were in. Deciding not to stay on the Earth they were on, (as it was infested with field mice) each agreed that travelling from parallel world to parallel world would be a grand adventure.

They travelled for years, decades, even, through time and space via The Crease, playing tricks, sampling mass quantities of food and beverage and bedding as many attractive folks as they could. Monroe was even to marry to a 4 tailed fox spirit calling herself “Kitt”, but the marriage was tumultuous at best, as Kitt’s brand of ‘mischief’ bordered on EVIL and Monroe’s heart truly belonged to Bjorn and Quinn, anyway.

Now, they hop from parallel dimension to parallel dimension, seeking a safe haven to perhaps settle down in permanently, but, as one would suspect, they keep running into trouble, and getting sidetracked with playing tricks, protecting the defenseless, and, more often than not, cleaning up their own messes.

Along the way, they tend to meet and interact with other gods, demigods, spirits and the like native to whichever parallel world they land on. Sometimes they find kindred spirits, (such as Jenny Everywhere), and other times it doesn’t go quite well. No matter what, the demigodlings’ lives are anything but dull.